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Everybody’s scared. I pretend to be brave, but I’m scared as Hell. I do not want the Eagles of Death Metal to perform in these continental United States, at least the lower 48, the contiguous States. I don’t mind if they perform in Hawaii, or Alaska, or all of our subjects, The Virgin Islands, Samoa, Puerto Rico.

Rudy Giuliani recently blamed the creation of Isis, or ISIL, on Barack Obama. His logic is that because, this is his words: “If we had not taken our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, ISIS never would have emerged,” Giuliani said Monday during an appearance on Fox News.

Americans seem to be extremely confused and don’t know how to handle their anger at these latest tragedies. I went to the good ole Wikipedia and looked up a list of terrorist attacks in the year 2015, and the list was quite extensive, from January 2nd up to now – the day before the attacks in Paris, 43 people died and 240 people were injured in Beirut, and Wikipedia is referring to the aggressors as “Islamic State” (which sounds somewhat generic) or ISIL. There are other terrorist groups, such as Boko Haram, something called Al-Shabaab, Ansar Al-Islam, and many more.

I made a joke the other day on a friend’s post where I said, basically – “Well, if we really wanted to feel safe, we should set up these Syrian refugees in “camps” of a sort … oh … never mind.” People liked the joke, actually, because I was making a point that, perhaps 40 or 50 years ago, our government would’ve had no compunction about taking people we deemed to be enemies, such as the Japanese, relocate them and put them into Interment Camps, right? I don’t care that they’re American citizens when I’m talking about safety and security, okay? If we’re at war, we have to get serious – when the war is over, we’ll buy you a brand new house and a brand new car, but for right now – you’re an enemy by proxy – this is the logic. Enemies-by-proxy. I know you’re good people. I know you wouldn’t kick puppies in the street. I know you don’t beat your children. For years, we heard the stories about how horrible it was, people, wholesale up-ended and taken to places with barbed-wire. Yes, I know it was a tragedy, but now in the wake of these terrorist attacks and what appears to be an influx of Syrian refugees, displaced, looking for greener pastures, I’m not saying I condone the practice, but I understand the logic. People like to lie to themselves and say, “oh our Country would never do that.” Surprise, we did! Look at how we treated alleged Communist sympathizers for 40 years. Not even card-carrying Commies, just people interested in the ideas. Look at what we did to them.

If it gets terrible enough, for this country – we are another 9/11 away from becoming complete out-and-out Nazis, I believe this.

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Dana Andrews from “Twilight Zone” season 4, episode 10, “No Time Like The Past”

Dennis Hopper from “Twilight Zone” season 4, episode 4, “He’s Alive”

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“More Clues In The Clock”


In light of the recent shootings at Umpqua Community College in Oregon, Andrew and I recorded an addendum to discuss this recent trend of violence.

There are a couple of theories here.

1. This was a clock. The kid is innocent.
2. This was a bomb. Good timing, and we’re all safe.
3. This was a dry-run for a probable terrorist attack. In the months leading up to 9/11, eyewitnesses recounted the terrorists “practicing” on planes. Actor James Wood being one of them.
4. This was a set-up planned by the kid’s parents to dredge up anti-Muslim sentiment to make them into cultural victims. It did turn into kind of a Facebook-rage, didn’t it? This kid is extremely popular. He now has his choice of schools. He is being offered internships and grants and visits to the White House.

New information keeps coming out. First, this is unusual – people like Richard Dawkins and Bill Maher come out and say that it was a wise choice to arrest the kid, I was surprised to hear this coming from both of them, one a respected scientist, the other a liberal blowhard, but somebody had pointed out that this kid might not even be a scientist, or at least a “fake” scientist, because they ripped the guts out of an electronic clock, put it in a suitcase and it looked identical to what the kid brought in. This almost seems like a performance now. I’m serious – I don’t know what to think. I’m so confused and infuriated by this! Maybe you can put it into perspective for us. I’m thinking this kid is a phony, and I feel bad about that.

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This is from Reason, an article written by Robby Soave:

“To the extent that Maher implied Ahmed’s treatment was ever-so-slightly justified because of his Muslim faith, he’s wrong. But liberals who claim Ahmed’s treatment is solely the result of his Muslim faith are also wrong. As should be perfectly clear from the myriad examples I cited, Ahmed’s religion may have impacted the flavor and overall likelihood of his arrest, but it’s not remotely true that ethnic minorities are the only victims of zero tolerance-style school disciplinary measures.”

This confuses and worries me because, initially, I was of the mind that the kid was being mistreated. I saw nothing of the emergency procedures in place if a bomb is suspected. We have bomb drills and emergency drills at my daughter’s school. This was after Newtown, they started pushing for more of these disaster drills. Basically what happens is, you evacuate the school, you call the bomb squad, cops, EMT, you put the suspected device in a safe room, some place near the back and you get out of there. The faculty and administration didn’t do this.

The kid shows up with his “clock” or whatever it was (it was in a suitcase, which is unwise, if intended to be that way – you’d have to be a moron to build a homemade clock and put it in a suitcase, and this kid is supposedly some kind of scientific genius-engineer-type), he takes this clock to a few classes, shows it off to teachers. One teacher finally has the bright idea he should go around showing the thing, and then somebody calls the Principal. They take the kid with his clock to another room and they detain him until they arrest him. So, initially, I thought they were just picking on a Muslim kid for being Muslim. I’m not so sure now.

Ahmed Muhamed’s Arrest: Clock Kid Truthers Miss the Point by Robby Soave