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You’ll get very angry people preaching income equality, right, but then you go up to them and suggest that a customer service rep at Best Buy get $100,000 a year. They’ll laugh and say, “come on you’re being silly now!” Why, I wonder? Why is that silly? They only want to give you what they think you deserve. This is a form of elitism. Hollywood actors and actresses, mostly actresses routinely complain that they’re paid far less than male actors, when the reality is that actors and actresses are all ridiculously overpaid for what they do anyway. If I had my way, I would pay the craftsmen, editors, costume designers, set decorators far more than I would pay any actor, but that’s me.

Remember Chelsea Clinton’s wedding? $3 million dollars. Hillary wants to be President. I just want to put it out there. That’s all. $3 million dollars. Most weddings don’t cost that kind of money. My wedding cost about a grand and we had food and drinks. I was a Best Man at my friend’s wedding, a more formal affair and a lot of guests, topped out at $25,000 and it was a very lavish ceremony and reception. If I spent $3 million dollars for my daughter’s wedding, I mean I love my daughter, I want to provide for her, I want her to be safe, I want her to be happy, I would risk my life for her, I would kill for her, but if I spent $3 million dollars on her wedding, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t give a rat’s ass for income equality.

The school district in Milford, Connecticut, has cancelled Halloween in all of its schools because too many kids felt “excluded”.

In a letter sent home with kids last week, parents learned that the Halloween parades at district schools, beloved by parents and kids for generations, are no more. Further, kids and school employees are forbidden from wearing costumes. Classrooms can have decorations, but they must be fall-themed, not Halloween-themed. And candy is out (food allergies).

As part of a redesign that will be unveiled next March, the print edition of Playboy will still feature women in provocative poses. But they will no longer be fully nude. For a generation of American men, reading Playboy was a cultural rite, an illicit thrill consumed by flashlight. Now every teenage boy has an Internet-connected phone instead. Pornographic magazines, even those as storied as Playboy, have lost their shock value, their commercial value and their cultural relevance.

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I had a bizarre dream last night, it was bizarre but hilarious. For some reason, I went to Japan and I stayed in a lovely hotel and later that night, the hotel was putting on an all-gay stage production of the movie, “Shrek”. Do you remember “Shrek”?  It wasn’t like the characters looked like they did in the movie, animated and anthropomorphous, they were dressed like clowns, but like Italian clowns, like Pagliacci, and the Shrek clown was painted green, and the donkey character was painted brown, but they looked like Italian clowns, but the show was very well produced, lots of visual effects and great stage lighting; everything you can dream that would be wonderful about an all-gay stage production of “Shrek”, and the show ends with Donkey kissing Shrek full-on and then there’s thunderous applause. I woke up laughing so loudly, and I think it was because looking at the actors’ faces in my dream, they didn’t look terribly happy about having to do this production, and I remember from the dream, I was actually recording this show on a little video camera and I was doing a good job with the recording, it almost looked professional.