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“Two Characters In Search Of An Exit” (with Andrew La Ganke) February 6, 2015

I want to preface this by saying I have next-to-no memory of the last 15 years, we’re talking the year 2000 on; little bits of things. I know I was married April 9, 2000 to my wife of nearly 15 years, Bronwyn. I know that it snowed that morning, and then by seven that night, the temperature had shot up to 70 degrees, and then it was 85 degrees the next day, April 10, 2000. I remember that everybody was telling me that snow was a sign of “good fortune” or something along those lines. Honestly, I think people were frightened, so they had to make something up on the spot. I remember 9/11 because I was laid up after some ridiculous surgery, and then I go up to my roof and see the twin trails of smoke rising up into the air. People are calling me, but I’m staring at the television, without speech. We made some movies, “The Tell-Tale Heart”, “The Angel of Death”, “They Only Come Out At Night”, “Ligeia”, American Punk”, “Vortex” – only two of those got any attention or made any money, not much – more of a pittance, but I learn later “Ligeia” was a top-seller for Film Threat, if not the top seller. Jump to five years later, 2006, Christmas Day, my daughter is born. The due date was supposed to be around the 29th, and then they changed it to the 26th, and then the doctors said, “fuck it! Just come in, and we’ll cut that thing out of you”, which they did. So, this is going back about 20 years, I’d say, back from the old days at the video store. My first question is – what happened to you in that time, those 20 years?

Recorded January 9, 2015


“Eat Your Heart Out” (with Andrew La Ganke) January 30, 2015

Andrew and I have more than a few things in common. We enjoy long walks, melting ice cream … probably some other stuff. I’m not good with research, but I do know the one thing we share is a passion for cooking. Well, maybe passion is too strong a word, but we like to cook, and in times of necessity, we have to cook because we don’t have office jobs and our significant others bring home the bacon, to some extent.

On tonight’s BlissVille Fridays episode, we talk about cooking – the various television shows devoted to the practice of slapping together some fine cuisine, and we also share some recipes. These recipes are for men (and women) of action, always in a rush. If you don’t have time to start your Hollandaise sauce from scratch, we have a couple work-arounds. We talk chicken, ribs, steak, even vegetables!

For some reason, the conversation segues into Telly Savalas. I forget why. Enjoy!

A note about the audio: With this episode, I tried something different. I went for a straight “left” and “right” stereo mix. You’ll hear me on the left side and Andrew on the right side. It sounds great even on crappy laptop speakers!

Recorded January 16, 2015


“Attack Of The Mobbed-Up Porn Guy” (with Andrew La Ganke) January 23, 2015

Tonight, we have a Super-Special Extra-Creamy episode with cherries on top featuring my old friend, Andrew La Ganke. Andrew came to the fold recently because he shares a a particular talent with me: that of not being able to shut the hell up. We’re not quite sure when we first met, but it had to be around 1994 or 1995, something like that. We worked in a video store on the Upper West Side together.

We’re talking about Laserdiscs. Remember those?

“You were heavily into laserdiscs, and got me into collecting as well. This was before DVD. This was before all the special features you find being packaged in videos today. We were renting out VHS tapes (we had no clue about DVD yet) – also the video store had an impressive adult section. I remember I was there one day and a salesman brought in a box of HOT titles, so to speak, and our employers sifted through the titles and bought what they wanted for the store. The guy, the salesman was wearing a trenchcoat, he was bald, he looked rather mobbed-up, you know? That was hilarious, and then they were asking my opinion of what titles to buy. I forgot my suggestions, maybe they were the nicest-looking boxes, cover designs that would really grab people, I don’t know.”



“I still have my player. It’s quietly gathering dust in my media center, but it still works. I have my laserdiscs in a storage bin in the basement. I have some of yours as well that you had lent me. I still have your “Abyss” Special Edition. Later on, this “The Abyss” special edition was re-released for DVD – obviously you can store more information on the DVD. The laserdisc package was enormous, four or five of those large discs, this was compact disc technology, converting audio and video to linear digital bits, there was some compression but not nearly as much as you would find on a DVD, but I think, now I’m not sure, but I think that was one of the reasons for what is called “laser-rot”, the problem that would occur from age, neglect; the fact that there was so little compression can cause these problems. On a DVD, you have to squeeze all this information on a comparatively tiny disc. I’m not sure about that.”

A note about the music: Our official BlissVille podcast theme has been added to this episode. The music is titled, “This House Has Eyes”, and it was composed and performed by Sean A. McCabe. The music appears courtesy of Audio Jungle and Envato Music.

Recorded January 9, 2015


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